How to reduce the costs of learning to drive

Tips to keep the cost of learning to drive down to minimal:


When budgeting driving lessons, do not forget the additional costs such as revision aids, license application costs and the actual costs of the two tests (theory and practical).

The provisional license costs £34 online, and £43 by post – so apply online as it offers a great discount.


The average lesson is around £21, and they say an average student needs 44 lessons which is a total of £924.


The revision book, DVD and Highway Code cost £25, but look online for second hand or cheaper alternatives. Maybe even go to the local library.


From the 1st of October the Theory test is £25.


The practical test + 1 hour preparation is about £86 on weekdays before 4.30pm, or £99 otherwise.


Additional Advice:

1) Pass first time – take a few more lessons if need be. This will help your confidence and make you more prepared to take the test.


2) Look for introductory lessons when booking driving instructors. Many driving schools and instructors offer great discounts to attract new customers, take advantage of these.


3) Block book driving lessons – Driving instructors offer discounts when you block 10 lessons at a time.


4) Prepare and pass the theory test before taking driving lessons – having this knowledge can make sure you are practising your driving during lessons not discussing theory.