Choosing your driving instructor

The information on this page will help you to choose a driving instructor who is right for you.


Driving lessons can cost up to £1000, maybe more, so finding the right Driving Instructor can save you money and time. Nobody wants to take multiple tests and unnecessary lessons. makes this very easy, we display all the relevant information needed to find a driving instructor. 


We always recommend spending £50-£100 to try different instructors so you know exactly what your money can get you.  


Be aware that some cut price services cut corners to save fuel and other costs. More talking than driving, or instructors who can't afford to take the training needed to keep them up-to-date with modern accelerated learning methods.


Important information:


Approved Driving Instructors (ADI's) have passed a tough examination in order to demonstrate their skills. They are also checked and graded regularly. Grading can be A or B - both are acceptable but A is a higher standard. Some instructors get a C grade, this means that they were unsatisfactory on their last check and are awaiting a re-assessment - these instructors are under review and risk having their tuition licences revoked.


Instructors are issued with a certificate which shows their grade, they should be happy to show this if asked.


Licenced instructors are in the final stages of training and qualification. These instructors have undergone a minimum required training programme and but have not yet passed the final qualifying examination.


Licenced instructors display a pink badge in the windscreen


While Licenced Instructors are expert drivers and have learned the basic teaching skills, they have less than six months experience in the job. Although Licenced Instructors lack experience, they are invariably enthusiastic and have been trained to the latest standards.


Your instructor's photograph will be displayed on the rear of the pink or green badges


Some instructors will have further qualifications such as special advanced driving certificates, teaching diplomas and even industry related degrees. Generally speaking, better qualified and experienced instructors will offer better value (although the might charge a bit more).


Buying driving lessons is no different from getting value for money when buying something. Shop around, compare and know what your money can get you when choosing the right Driving Instructor.